Friday, July 18, 2014

Dear assorted Ukrainian and Russian machomen,

I hope the loss of MH17 and her passengers puts your pathetic and utterly unjustifiable little war in perspective and causes you to end it.


Commentary. I think it is likely that either the Russians supplied the rebels with advanced surface to air missile systems (SAM), or the rebels acquired them from actions against the Ukraine military. I think it is possible but unlikely that the missile was fired by the Ukrainians. Some half-trained rebel unit got excited and squeezed off a round. It might even be the case that they had no idea that there was an active international air corridor over the area.

I also think that the Ukraine government, airlines and air regulators owe explanations as to why they allowed an air corridor to be maintained over a war zone where sophisticated weapons capable of downing fast jets are regularly used to effect. My bet is that it has something to do with the fuel costs associated with rerouting and finding the answer they liked regarding air defence capabilities in the region that allowed them to maintain air corridors.


Steve said...

With all the eyes on that area the truth should be obvious. Good Luck with that!

Edstock said...

Vlad thinks time is on his side. It isn't, but he doesn't know it, yet.

The point is, if you think Vlad is edgy now, just wait five years, as the Russkie economic and social cluster-fuck develops its full flavor and aroma.

Steve said...

Ed the American, Japanese, and Euro zone particular England and France are already in the last stages before bloom. Russia and China have some big issues but when the dust settles Russia may be the dominant power.

The northern European models with Geramany as an anchor is the way we should all sail.

The Mound of Sound said...

It takes a fair bit of training to operate one of these SAM batteries. I think this was a carefully orchestrated shootdown. I'm surprised Putin hasn't served the battery commander a tasty cup of Moscow's polonium tea.