Saturday, February 23, 2013

Paging Dan Brown

Day 1. Scottish Roman Catholic Cardinal Keith O'Brien, slated to be a member of the conclave choosing the next pope says RC priests should be allowed to marry and have families. Because as he pedantically points out, celibate isn't actually something their anthropomorphic God told them to be and that weird passive-aggressive misogyny is actually all manmade and therefore completely fallible.

Day 2. Several priests and an ex-priest report the Cardinal to the Vatican for "inappropriate acts" and call for his resignation.

I'll offer some conspiracies, because seriously kids, how is there not one?

Conspiracy 1. The Vatican doesn't do a whole lot about paedophile priests because they prefer the blackmail power that gives them should they stray too far from the middle-ages.

Conspiracy 2. The creeps and freaks hiding from themselves in the priesthood stand to be exposed should some sort of normalcy intrude on their special Club of Rome and they'll crush any attempt to change the status quo.

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Purple library guy said...

I'm not at all sure those are mutually exclusive.