Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kits Coast Guard?

There be foul odours over English Bay, blown in from East and West

I've been having a hard time lately justifying why we still need politicians, because they really aren't making the case for themselves these days.


Gloria said...

Canada has become a, stinking pile of corruption. Especially since, Harper's so called majority. Harper is no Conservative. He was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation Party of 1989. This is likely where, Harper's abusive dictatorship stems from.

This sell out of, Kit's Rescue Base, is no different than Campbell's evil reign of terror. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals work for Harper, always have.

Campbell's first election lie, the BCR wasn't for sale. What happened to the, priceless Real Estate that went with the BCR?

Who gained by, Campbell's theft and sales of our BC rivers?

How much did Campbell benefit from, the stupid smart meters?

BC citizens are still waiting for the benefit of the HST, Harper and Campbell forced on us. We are still waiting for those huge sums of money. The HST wasn't on Campbell's radar either.

Who reaped in the benefit of, Campbell shipping our BC mills to China? Who has the benefit, when Red China sued in BC, to take the mining jobs?

Harper idolizes Communist China. Loss of life at sea because of, closing down Kit's Rescue base? This only means, Harper does not value human lives, anymore than Red China does.

No doubt one of Harper's corporate buddies, would like to build condo's on that Kit's Base site. I doubt Christy will take a stand on this. She permitted China to take, the BC mining jobs. Christy will condone anything.

West End Bob said...

Can't wait to vote against all of these government "representatives" on my first Canadian voting experience, Boris.

It will be a pleasure . . . .

David Wilson said...


Purple library guy said...

I understand Belgium for some time during the world financial crisis was unable to form a government--no group of factions could agree well enough to cobble together a working majority.
This left them unable to enact any idiotic austerity measures, and their economy did much better than most others in the area.

the salamander said...

Dear West End Bob .. Your vote weighs exactly as much as mine.. or perhaps even more as you hold it so dear and precious, so admirably.. Certainly your views refresh me, affirm and help protect our country and our good fortune and responsibility.

You present a humble n unbelievably appreciative stance. As your fellow Canadian I understand that ... There just aint nothin like being Canadian Eh ?

When you arrived, had the dream or set sail or got in your canoe or car or boarded a train or plane .. just like the rest of us or our parents or forbearers.. whether last week or 200 years ago .. or chased the buffalo or fished the Grand Banks .. that's when 'you captured 'it' and 'it' captured you ..

West End Bob said...

Thanks, the salamander!

I'll try to live up to your kind words . . . .

the salamander said...

You've already exceeded them ..

I cannot question you
You're one impressive Canadian
to me .. another who watches

Just keep on being Canadian ..
and I'll do my best as well ..

Defend your land, our land
I am counting on this ..
and you can count on me ..

We are all paddling the same canoe ..
We need every alert n stalwart one of us

These are challenging times
This is our country
this is our planet