Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fiction peddlers

Reading MoS, I'm struck not for the first time, that some senior members of the Air Staff here, I suppose Australia too, live in a fantasy world. If I were in charge (come on, we all have these moments), I'd retire or fire any military leader who couldn't see past the F-35.

They be fantasists willing to bet the nation's defence on something non-existent.

I'm less convinced than ever that Canada really and truly needs a combat-ready air force. Arctic sovereignty sure, but not if we manage to sign resource and access treaties with the other circumpolar nations.

Offensive capability for "large package coalition"operations over the developing world? No. Not at all core requirement, more of a political and ego luxury. If Libya had a seriously sophisticated air defence system, there'd be no RCAF there.

Terrorists and airliners? OK, but you don't need an air armada of 5th generation fighters to shoot down airliners.

Coastal? Maybe in the rare event that have a serious problem with someone elses Navy that we fighters on the coast.

NORAD compels us to maintain a credible air defence presence over the continent, but Canada isn't much a buffer from any serious adversary. In fact, this is the only practical reason for maintaining a fleet of fighters. And even that is contigent on some sort of threat on the horizon to mobilise them against...


Mark, Ottawa said...

Meanwhile F-35 low-rate production looks like limping along, with the Aussies moving towards more Super Hornets, and...

"F-35 LRIP 8 Smaller than LockMart Expected, Good Flying News–and Turkish doubts"


Some Old Guy said...

If our investment in the offensive capability of our armed services comes at the expense of budget line items like Search and Rescue, then we really have to question our own priorities, no?

the salamander said...

A fantasy world was what came to mind when I read about the man that thought he would be PM Mackay hysterically suggesting we wuz seeking suitable real estate for east asian military bases.. mebbe to 'punch over our weight' or some such noyz he and Herr Steve oink and fart about over a parliamentary lunch or back at the ranch after BBQ with Ray Novak & John boy Baird & some other hangers on like cement head Clement, the virgin Kenney or Flaherty and other left over Ontario hacks & cronies

You're bang on Beav .. & so is MOS & Some Old & Mark too..

Hell, we could probably manufacture thousands of replica Spitfires or Sopwith Camels made of balsa wood and baling wire and canvas that attain the same net stealth advantage or disadvantage as an F 35, has 1/5th the stall speed and turns on a dime .. and freak the hell out of any country that approaches our coastlines with long range bombers, ground/air attack fighters & aerial tankers..

Search and Rescue.. yes ..(look after your own) a respected International peace force that operates on the ground.. uh.. where the actual conflicts usually are.. yes.. International rescue due to calamity or environmental catastrophe .. yes

Where are our helicopters and marine patrol vessels Mr Harper ?
Where have you taken our Coast Guard and their bases ?
Why are you in court to suppress & deny our military veterans ?
Where are the naval support vessels?
Why are you such shameful examples and political liars ?
Why are your propaganda and puffery ads cluttering TV ?
Why have we not fired your ass and all your trash too ?

You were elected to 'serve' .. as in .. 'public servants' ..
Does that resonate in your shallow lizard brain ?
.. I didn't think so ..
because you don't recognize or listen to
Canada or Canadians anymore
you're living in your own fantasy world

Gloria said...

Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation Party of 1989. Harper was linked with, some very dubious outfits. I'm sure, that's where Harper takes his abusive dictatorship from.

Because, Harper is planning Communist China, in the rich resources of the High Arctic. Harper does not need, icebreaker ships, battleships, fighter jets up there to defend the High North. Harper knew this, right from day one. Is it not more than a little strange. All of Harper's plans for new military equipment, came in way over budget? What a wonderful excuse, to cancel military machinery.

Harper has never had, a job action plan for Canadians. Harper's job action plans, are for China.