Saturday, February 02, 2013

Kevin Page

I don't think Harper had any idea just who he as appointing when he named Kevin Page as Parliamentary Budget Officer.

The man cannot be intimidated and will crawl through mud and fire to do his job and then some.

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meadowlark said...

That's exactly why Harper and Flaherty, are desperate to get rid of, Budget Officer Page. Mr. Page is far too honest and good at his job, for that dastardly duo. We all know, anyone opposing Harper loses their jobs. Anyone not going along with Harper's corruption, is soon got rid of too.

Never in Canada's recorded history, has a P.M. of Canada, had so many lawsuits against him. The waste of our tax dollars for Harper's corruption and thefts, are costly, to the extreme. Harper also has, Canada in the worst debt, in the recorded history of this Nation. Harper is also, the worst, corrupt P.M. Most Canadians say. Harper cheated to win the election with, his robo-call election fraud.

There is no way, Harper and Flaherty can open their books for Page. They have far too much corruption, waste and theft, of our tax dollars, that must be kept hidden. Flaherty and Harper don't want this info exposed to, Budget Officer Page nor, to the Canadian citizens.However, we all know Harper very, very least in this province.