Monday, January 21, 2013

Teh Landlords!!1!

Wow, I've thought CBC has been in a bit of a decline lately, but not to the extent of this piece by Kathy Tomlinson. Tomlinson has taken one example of a landlord getting screwed by a particularly bad tenant and used it to declare landlords everywhere "powerless" victims government legislation too protective of tenants.

I didn't think it needed to be mentioned that landlords by definition are not powerless.

A decent treatment might have weighted the propensity of landlords to act as slumlords or simply overcharge (esp. in places like BC's inflated housing market) against the occassional wretched tenant. Instead it's just tabloid writing. Sigh.


MgS said...

Is it perhaps the CBC responding to pressure from the PMO to act as a propaganda machine for Harper's drive to concentrate wealth in the hands of the oligarchs?

It's no secret that the HarperCon$ are looking for any excuse they can find to clobber the CBC, and I can imagine that CBC management is responding accordingly.

Edstock said...

You have never known a "professional tenant", obviously.

I have, and they can be a real nightmare for landlords.

Landlords are not all ruthless slum lords, and tenants are not all innocent victims.

Boris said...

Ed. True. But the vast majority of people aren't "professional tenants"...and I've met a few pretty awful landlords.

Kevin Wood said...

No point getting into the "both sides do it" game. There are crappy landlords and crappy tenant, just as there are crappy anything else. The single source story relying strictly on anecdotal evidence is a good example of crappy reporting.

thwap said...

What would be valuable would be to show how both sides play the system and to propose solutions to shut down unscrupulous people on both sides of the relationship.

There are tenants from hell and landlords from hell.

Dana said...

I can't believe you read the entire article carefully and still posted that, Boris. I really can't.

double nickel said...

Speaking of landlords:

David Wilson said...

did you possibly mean "The" Landlords?

just wondering