Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Short comment non-Aboriginal Canadians losing their shit

Just a short comment, about non-Aboriginal Canada as it bigots and nutters froth and stonk about.

These people about the rights the Indians have about hunting and taxes, or they howl about laziness and drinking. And now they go off about the blocked roads and uppity voices.

Really, they ought be supporting the Ogichidaakwe Spence and Idle No More because they are Aboriginals and their allies saying quite loudly "this shit isn't working and something has to change." You'd think our non-Indigenous blowhards would figure out that if the Indigenous peoples had it so good they'd be keeping their mouths shut?

Nope. That would require getting off the intellectual couch.


Gloria said...

Scores of us do know, Chief Spence is speaking for all of us. We all know? Harper wiped out, the Kelowna Accord. Harper's evil omnibull bill, gives him the right to invade, waterways, fish and F.N. hunting grounds. People need to wake-up. Harper can pollute every province he chooses to.

Harper is giving Canada to Communist China. Harper's omnibull bill gives China the right, to sue any Canadians getting in China's way.

We need to thank the F.N. Their Treaties have been broken by Harper. F.N. fighting to keep their territories from being polluted, by Harper's greed...this protects the eco-systems for us too.

Silverfox said...

Harper is not the first to break the Treaties but merely another in a long and virtually unbroken line of federal, provincial and local governments in Canada that have used every means in their power to avoid taking any responsibility for the countless violations in both the terms and spirit with which any of those Treaties were made or to honour them in the manner that the establishment of this nation and indeed their own authority over it demanded from them in return for it.

To properly understand that, this document is good as any in introducing how that shameful situation came ino being and why it has been allowed to not only continue but grow progressively worse.

Canada's own direct role in this North American tale of deliberate deciet and outright racism commences on page 96...

Niles said...

Let'm blow chunks. The more of the racist screeds that hit the light of day in major places, the more people can't shuffle around and say that Canada isn't like that.

Canada's ruling 'culture' is virulently racist against its indigenous peoples and has been for generations.

It's mortifyingly embarrassing to be 'white' around conversations where the speakers think they are 'safe' to spew among their own kind. Then they get whiny/pissy/persecuted when they find out they've got a growling mole in their midst.

Canada wants to prove it's not unthinkingly, uncritically racist as a nation? Walk the talk.

double nickel said...

Bingo, Niles! Good to see you posting.

The Mound of Sound said...

I'm with Niles. Read Michael Harris' piece from

This was the first time I saw a true, American-style "talking points" campaign waged throughout Canada's corporate media cartel. It was choreographed.