Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lost art

I was reading Simon this morning as everyone should, and he made an insightful comment about hockey, which seemed to be a pretty good analogy for so many other things in Canada these days.

So until the National Concussion League tightens the rules, punishes the guilty, and enlarges the rinks so the good players have a chance to get away from the goons, I won't be going back.

Goons. Goons who can't see Idle No More as anything more nuanced than 'lazy Indians who are also maybe terrorists looking for more gummint handouts.' Goons who won't understand climate change as anything but a liberal conspiracy. Goons who run shrieking to the GG when politics don't go their way. Goons who can't win an election fairly. Goons who shut down debate or investigation on any topic or thing that might make them look bad.

Goons who really, really just want a one-team game where they can invent and change the rules as they go along far far away from the the burning white light of reality.

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