Sunday, January 20, 2013

1 Sun Nooz Regiment

Apparently that station gives these patches to Canadian Forces members, which might explain why my recent long-serving sparring partner had so much trouble with loyalties and political structures.

Six years of Conservative oral and some of the troops have lost their bearings.

I'm reading the comments below the site where this was posted, and it's all military people thanking SunNooz and talking about how grateful they are to the organisation for recognising them.

I'm not sure I've ever seen any group of people in such grovelling need of constant praise and validation from a media organisation. Pathetic.

Yeah, CDS, you might need to fix that.


Kevin Wood said...

one can only hope that any serving member of the Canadian military that attaches one of those to their uniform get well and truly shat upon by their superiors for desecrating the uniform. I mean, really, if a soldier can wear one of those, what's to stop them from adding a Habs' "C" or a Rolling Stones lips&tongue logo to their battle dress?

Boris said...

Kevin, they couldn't attach one to their uniform, even if for some weird reason they wanted to. They'd first be charged and the mocked. But bullshit trinkets like that symbolise the insidious form of the corruption of some members of the institution. All that Con propaganda has an effect on some members of the military as much as the public. The military itself is quite capabable of enforcing a culture of political neutrality and reminding its members who they serve, but so far this does not seem to happen.