Friday, January 18, 2013

Chief of the Defence Staff,

I've just had a bizzare conversation that once again makes me think you really ought explain to all ranks that the Prime Minister is not Canada's 'boss' and that the oath they swore is, in fact, to the Queen. In my day that much at least was explicitly clear.

Mind you, I am assuming you understand this idea a little better than some of your fellows.

It was bad enough that I had to watch non-stop CTV in the Petawawa dining hall 15 years ago, and then listen to the troops parroting whatever was said there. I'd hate to think the Canadian Forces are why SunTV is still able to broadcast.



the salamander said...

I agree .. You've caught and identified via those links.. an important 'fail' .. actually epic, endemic and numerous 'fails' .. but when viewed from under the Harper waterfail .. its just part of the poison river that's attempting to flush divert or flood Canada downhill.

I must admit.. I'm becoming very unclear re the role or power or usefulness of the Governor General, the PM, the Queen, the PMO, the House of Commons, The Speaker, Elections Canada, in camera committees, Question Period, Prorogues .. it does seem that our dear queen Stevie has grown impatient and is defining all powers & laws in the particular image, legislation, propaganda, spin or denial he prefers ...

After all.. he can command as many lawyers as he needs..

The views and total belief I hold as a Canadian born citizen re the inviolable sanctity of First Nations Treaties are under assault by Stephen Harper and Tom Flanagan.. and dull witted thugs such as Joe Oliver, Peter Kent, Keith Ashfield and the rest of the conservative trash.

I can afford no lawyers or law firms .. I can afford only myself and my family.. and that barely .. I do wish I could help others

Why ? How did it come this cluster f u see k .. an entire country derailed and defenestered, defrauded all at once .. for oil, fracking, pipelines, tar sands and tankers.. and China

It may be a religious problem they hold or suffer from inside themselves.. or that they are being blackmailed .. and need assistance. The RCMP ? Can they help ? Or are they the problem ?

So .. we question where to turn for succor .. or rescue.

Thus we talk among ourselves.. and measure those we thought were acting on our behalf .... the drums begin to beat ... the warriors of the tribe put on their warpaint ..

The tribe is called .. Canada ....

Our alpha wolves and warriors do not belong to political parties
nor do our caribou .. our children, beavers, elders, eagles, parents or salmon.. or grizzlies .. nor do our waters or air ...

Evil Brad said...
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Evil Brad said...

Harper and Co really don't understand this country's heritage or system of government. I honestly wonder if they'd even pass a citizenship exam if they were would-be immigrants. Even the one created under their watch.
In any case, there's already a republic within driving distance of most Canadian cities. If they like it so much they can go there. There doesn't need to be another one.

Gloria said...

Harper could care less about Canada and our heritage. He is giving Canada to Communist China.

Harper is giving China our resources and the resource jobs. China refuses to pay Canadian wages. China's minimum wage is, $236 per month. All company's are allowed to hire cheap labor. I don't know what wage Harper and Red China settled on? However, all the company's are chomping at the bit, for that cheap labor.

Harper's omnibull bill, gives Red China the right to sue, any Canadians getting in China's way. China sued in BC, to take the mining jobs.

Harper is making plans with China and the rich High Arctic resources. Don't plan on getting those jobs either. Harper is also sharing with Russia. Why would anyone think, there should be a military in the High North? For what? We don't own the High Arctic resources, nor the jobs either.

During Harper's TV x-mas interview? He declared himself a devout Christian. He said, he prays everyday for guidance. Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation Party of 1989, he was linked with, Christian Fundamentalists among other dubious links.

Canada doesn't own anything, to protect.

The Mound of Sound said...

Thanks for bringing that to mind, Boris. I was pretty sure I swore to something back in 1967 but I had to go look it up to make sure you were right. All those years, all those brain cells.

Jim said...

I know a certain serving officer who is fond of pointing out that members of the CF are not employees of the Harper Government or anyone else, but personal servants of Her Majesty the Queen.

When he sees Harper or MacKay on the news, he consoles himself by saying,
"At least I don't work for them."

Boris said...

I'm not sure this fellow would get your comment, Jim.