Friday, August 24, 2012

Was Ex Nanook written by the PMO?

I'm serious. Could they come up with a more apt demonstration of Conservative policy proclivities?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper observed a military training operation in Hudson Bay today for a scenario involving Canadian Forces intercepting an ecotourism boat carrying migrants who are attempting to enter Canada illegally.
First, throw in ecotourism to highlight the dire security threat that the ecologically minded represent to Canada.

Second, make a linkage between environmentalists terraists and the refugees boat-people "migrants who are attempting to enter Canada illegally" through Hudson Bay(!).

And voila! We have justification for a tactical exercise by the CFRCMPCBSACCG and a big fat photo-op for Airshow and his boss where they can wax on about the glorious defence of Canada from ecotourism operators and poor people.


double nickel said...

Fuck I hate these assholes.

Anonymous said...

that is too funny for words. stevie slime must really be loosing it. We aren't Americans, we are Canadians, we are better educated & people see right through the junk he is trying to pedal. It is so sick, its funny. I thought Harper didn't want "war games". I read somewhere he didn't want Canada joining the "games" in Norway for fear of offending Putin. The Armed Forces people had to explain to him it was o.k. Now we have terrorists who are enviornmentalized who want to claim refugee status at the same time. Might make a good comedy but as a serious thought, god that man is stupid.

Gloria said...

Harper didn't want to offend China either. China was left out of the war games, while Russia was invited. Harper is selling out the oil sands to China. Harper really didn't want to take part in those war games, for that reason.

We are back to being eco terrorists, especially in BC. There was a poll, that said, 50% of Canadians are afraid of eco terrorists. They say, the environmentalists are first on that hit list.

The only threats I have heard are from Harper, Oliver and Toews. Enbridge lies a lot. Oliver called the BC citizens terrorists, because we oppose the pipeline. Toews calls us pornographers. Harper is busy, cheating his way out of, the robo-call scandal. Also preventing the election riding disputes.

Lord help us all, with Harper and MacKay at the helm. Harper screws up everything he touches. What is really pathetic is, Harper thinks he is doing a hell of a job, governing Canada.

Steve said...

Next time it will be a joint Russian Canada attack on a punk rock band.