Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CDS search

Something fishy here. You'd think that the replacement for the Chief of the Defence Staff, the functional uniformed head Canada's military (GG and the Queen aside) would be secured well in advance of retirement of the present individual. Not so, it seems (emphasis mine).
It appears the same process is being used this time, but the process is now said to be much more under the control of the prime minister and his senior bureaucrats.
"This is the prime minister's CDS," the source said. "It's clear that he has to be very comfortable with the person who is in the job."

I wonder...did shortlisted candidates fail some Conservative political loyalty test in their interviews or subsequent review by Harper and his holy-warriors? If Harper has his hands in there, he wants a yes-man, that much would be clear.

But it must be hard to find one of those after ten years of useless war and stunts like having your combat mission extended without warning, troops used as photo-ops, Airshow (!), veterans medical records being used against them, torture and Afghan prisoners, failed kit deliveries and replacements, and whatever other nastinesss that hasn't surfaced in public. I mean, who would actually want the job of serving what is increasingly becoming a one party petro=war-state?

The problem of course if any of the above is true, is what happens to the Canadian Forces if the Harperites eventually find their yes-man.

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