Sunday, August 26, 2012

Financial freedom . . .

THE US GOVERNMENT AND BIG BUSINESS have tried their best to kill WikiLeaks by removing the ability of people to donate money to the cause. As you may know, the big credit card companies sided with the oligarchy that runs the US, and WikiLeaks found itself on a financial desert island.

WikiLeaks has faced an unprecedented global financial blockade by major finance companies including Mastercard, Visa and PayPal although there has been no legal accusation of any wrongdoing.

Well, thanks to the arrival of Bitcoin, it seems that WikiLeaks has found a financial channel beyond the reach of the US government and the financial fascists that control the wealth.

Bitcoin is a distributed electronic cash protocol and a unit of currency. Bitcoin uses cryptographic technologies and a network of computing power to enable users to make and verify irreversible, instant online Bitcoin payments, without an obligation to trust and use centralized banking institutions and authorities.

Bitcoins do not have the backing of and do not represent any government-issued currency. Instead, Bitcoins are directly backed by the continued actions of the computing power within the Bitcoin network. It is the first of a new breed of cryptocurrencies that do not require a central authority.

According to Jon Matonis at Forbes, with an article, "WikiLeaks Bypasses Financial Blockade With Bitcoin", WikiLeaks may well survive to keep the spark of accountability alive:

People shouldn’t fear their government; government should fear its people. Publishers and journalists will not be intimidated nor silenced. Now entering day 626 of the financial blockade against WikiLeaks, Julian Assange sits in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London awaiting safe passage.

Following a massive release of secret U.S. diplomatic cables in November 2010, donations to WikiLeaks were blocked by Bank of America, VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and Western Union on December 7th, 2010.
Although private companies certainly have a right to select which transactions to process or not, the political environment produced less than a fair and objective decision. It was coordinated pressure exerted in a politicized climate by the U.S. government and it won’t be the last time that we see this type of pressure.

Fortunately, there is way around this and other financial blockades with a global payment method immune to political pressure and monetary censorship.

So, in spite of the fascists' best efforts, freedom of information still exists. Bitcoin may not be for everybody, but go visit their site and download their software, if you feel like making a middlefinger statement to the fascists.


Steve said...

There is another freedom linked to Bitcon, drugs in the mail with no tail. Now that you can print a submachine gun with a 3d printer, and buy drugs at will, its time to re evaluate our justice plan.

Edstock said...

"Now that you can print a submachine gun with a 3d printer"

Um, there's a lot more to gunsmithing any kind of firearm from a 3-D printer than just punching the "print" button. Little things like figuring out how to get the extractors to work properly, how to machine a bolt face for them to work from and contain the firing pin.

Looking at those fab efforts, it's easier and quicker to build a metal Sten gun.

Steve said...

Ed maybe it is easier to make a AK-47 as well. One thing for sure if you want a large clip in Canada, it is going to be increasingly easier to access.