Sunday, August 19, 2012

American Spring . . .

AMERICAN SPRING is a blog created by Paul Ellison, a concerned American, which itemizes most of the nefarious activity that Uncle Sugar is up to.

Whether you are a donkey or an elephant, when the music stops and we look around, all of us see the same truth.

They are not working for us. They are working against us.

Fact: Together, they have passed the NDAA, allowing for the indefinite detention of Americans. It has legalized the use of propaganda against us, in order to hide what they have done and what they are doing.

Fact: Together, they have passed HR 347, which makes gathering together in protest a felony offense. It enables an ever more aggressive paramilitary police force to arrest those who dissent openly.

Fact: Together, they cash checks from Wall Street criminals, and allow them to go unpunished for crimes that have brought our nation to the brink of financial ruin.

Fact: Together, they continue to fund a never-ending war machine that has brought both drones and a totalitarian surveillance state to our shores.

Fact: Together, they have sold our country out to their corporate benefactors, while laughing all the way to the bank.

Fact: Together, they have enabled the most invasive surveillance state this side of Orwell.

Fact: Together, they have made sure there will be no dissent.

Fact: Together, they have turned our Congress, our judiciary, our Presidency, into a joke.

Fact: Together, they are profiting from this.

We do not have a political problem, we have a systemic one.

We do not have a political problem, we have a systemic one.  And the system is getting more complex, as covert activities center on "social media" as the way to win hearts and influence minds. That's the view of Project PM, a wiki on the major players. 

The purpose of Project PM's wiki is to provide a centralized, actionable data set regarding the intelligence contracting industry, the PR industry's interface with totalitarian regimes, the mushrooming infosec/"cybersecurity" industry, and other issues constituting threats to human rights, civic transparency, individual privacy, and the health of democratic institutions.

Their areas of interest give an idea of how pervasive the fascist effort is: Romas/COIN,  Endgame Systems, Cubic Corporation, Booz Allen Hamilton, Archimedes Global, In-Q-Tel, TASC, Northrop Grumman, Mantech, SAIC, C5i, Raytheon

It's hard to decide what's the most dangerous to our democracy, when there's items like Operation Earnest Voice. Operation Earnest Voice (OEV) is an ironically-titled program run by CENTCOM which is known to make use of Persona Management software. Persona management entails the use of software by which to facilitate the use of multiple fake online personas, or "sockpuppets," generally for the use of propaganda, disinformation, or as a surveillance method by which to discover details of a human target via social interactions. 
H/T — Daniel, merci.

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