Monday, August 27, 2012

Torture and the little lost country

I haven't commented much on the revelation that our  because there is very little. It's a funny place one arrives at when the move beyond the emotionally intense sort of outrage that normally follows when one receives news like this. I am afraid that many of us have moved to a place where we feel very little. There's not much surprise in this stuff anymore.

The Canadian government now accepts torture. Officially. The Canadian government was more or less complicit in sending one of its own citizens to Syria, for torture. Syria, the leadership of which is now receiving condemnation from the world community for the  massacre of its own civilian population. This is what states that torture people do in the end. I wish there was a word for the mercenary sort of hypocrisy Canada is engaging in here.

I am heartened and surprised, however, by the overwhelming denouncement of this new Con 'policy' by CBC commenters, who too often have me questioning their sanity and humanity. Perhaps there's some life left in this country's people after all.

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opit said...

Syria. You do realize the CIA had been openly promoting Rendition. I recall a reportthe British Parliament being told anyone at all could be snatched without them having diddly for say-so on the proceedings. And al Qaeda is being used by NATO to try and overthrow the Syrian government - without the supposed success that is being misreported.
Not that Canada could go against the US and UK both effectively anyway - though the enthusiasm of our military participation might have been foreshadowed by the uproar some years back about activities in Somalia.
It's rather rough on the illusion that we were international 'peacekeepers' however.