Thursday, March 01, 2012

Harper didn't get all the manure off in his post-election bath

Go read Gods & Other Monsters.

And if your French is up to snuff, take a look at what Le Devoir has dug up. Direct billing to the ridings for services which were provided to the national campaign.

This should make the blood drain out of their faces.


Boris said...

You and I are reading the same things this morning, Dave! Yours was up first ;)

Dave said...

LOL! I'm outta here for a bit, so take over. ;)

Steve said...

And they did not even need a warrant, good thing, cause the RCMP could not find their shoes, unless they wanted to.

Alison said...

In and out call service billing!
What a capital idea!
Presumably this is why Senator Doug Finley thinks the whole robo/live call fraud is really no biggie.

Gloria said...

Problem is...Harper controls Elections Canada, police, judges, courts and the media. Anyone opposing Harper will lose their jobs. Harper threatened T.I.D.E. if they said one word against the tar sands, they would have their budget slashed.

The citizens of BC, went through the exact same thing. Campbell got rid of the honest people in Elections BC. He installed his friend, James. They used every dirty tactic in the book, to fight to keep, the illegal HST imposed on the BC people. Campbell is rotten to the core with lies, deceit and corruption. Campbell is also Harper's favorite henchman.

Harper's election win, is not valid. That corruption, stinks to high heaven.