Monday, March 05, 2012

Del Mastro seizes the moment ...

And chokes on it.
“The Leader of the Liberal Party knows full well, every household that they called, every originating phone number they called them from, and, in fact, when those calls were made,” he said in response to a question from Bob Rae. “When will he make those phone records public? Because I believe when those phone records are made public, the Liberal Party will have fingered itself for each and every one of these calls that they allege had taken place.” 
Ah... the attempt to blame others.
But when asked later by reporters if the Conservatives were prepared to release their own records, Mr. Del Mastro said: “No, because obviously our party is not behind the calls. We know that."
He's already been down that road and got his penis handed to him on a plate.

What we know is that the only party which could have benefited from the voter suppression which has been reported is the Conservatives.

I'd say, nice try ... except that it's feeble and not the slightest bit plausible.

Now, get on over to Creekside where the evidence grows that the Conservatives are stalling for time. Building the "plausible deniability" firewall takes time y'know.


Mark Francis said...

Aha! The libs burned down their own house in order to blame the then certain to emerge Conservative majority! Makes perfect sense! LOL.

the regina mom said...

When moderates such as those friends of my rightwing family who don't pay very close attention to politics hear about this and are pissed off, I'd say the Con strategy is a #fail. Oh, and the talking points -- OMG! Spent some time at the G&M again. What a laugh! I suspect heads will eventually roll.

Steve said...

liberal supporter said...

Looks like Rae's pwned them again.

Not leaving it at tit for tat "I'll show mine if you show yours", he's doing the Obama method, going way more than halfway, which make's the other side's refusal to give an inch look even worse.

Way Way Up said...

Del Mastro IS from Peterborough....that explains a lot.