Thursday, March 22, 2012

Christian Paradis should be snooping the back benches for a place to sleep (Updated)

The Ethics Commissioner throws a marshmallow at a corrupt minister of the Crown. If you read this you get the overwhelming desire to hose down Mary Dawson for failure to perform. It took her two years!

So, you should read this instead. Impolitical cuts right to the chase and highlights the serial breaches committed by Paradis.

Update: No surprise here. Accountability and ministerial responsibility don't actually harmonize with the corrupt nature of the Harper crowd. 
Industry Minister Christian Paradis is refusing to resign after being found in violation of the Conflict of Interest Act for helping Rahim Jaffer secure a meeting with senior bureaucrats after his former caucus colleague’s arrest on driving and drug charges.

Mr. Paradis refused to step down, saying in a written statement he will take “further precautions” in his future dealings with people seeking government funding.
Illegitimate minister in a supposititious government. 

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