Sunday, March 18, 2012

About those US Republicans who campaign for Canadians

Something about this post by Alison has been bugging me. Front Porch Technologies president Matthew D. Parker was photographed working in the campaign office of Julian Fantino (Vaughan). And then, by his own hand on 20 April, 2011, in a Twitter thing:
Knocking on doors for MP Rick Dykstra. People don't like liberals here!
That would be Harper party member Rick Dykstra (St. Catharines).

So we have West Virginia born, Ohio resident, US citizen, Matt Parker phoning and knocking and just "taking Toronto by storm".

OK, let's continue this with a particular definition.

in-duce [in-doos -dyoos]
1. to lead or move by persuasion or influence, as to some action or state of mind: to induce a person to buy a raffle ticket.

... like making direct contact with Canadian electors and suggesting they vote for your candidate ... or phoning them directly to gather support ... or handing them candidate and party literature. 

Now let's look at a little chunk of the Canada Elections Act

Non-interference by Foreigners

Prohibition – inducements by non-residents
331. No person who does not reside in Canada shall, during an election period, in any way induce electors to vote or refrain from voting or vote or refrain from voting for a particular candidate unless the person is
  • (a) a Canadian citizen; or

  • (b) a permanent resident within the meaning of subsection 2(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.
In any way, it says. In other words, sit on your hands, stay off peoples porches and keep your mouth shut. 

Perhaps Fantino and Dykstra can explain.



West End Bob said...

Oooohhhh - Ouch!

Burn, Cap'n - Good one!

Allow me to pose a question:

If this whole trampling of the democratic process should result in a "re-do" of the last election, how do you think it would turn out?

Is the Canadian electorate sufficiently disgusted to throw the rascals out ? ? ? ?

RossK said...

Excellent point.

Perhaps Mess'rs Fantino and Dykstra, and or the folks that helped 'target' and/or 'manage' their ridings can also explain how the good Mr. Anders was once the ying to Mr. Parker's more recent yang.


Jim Parrett said...

I thought that photograph was iconic of the Conservatives. It should bother all Canadians. Americans not only speaking for us but giving lessons to the Cons on how to speak to us. Sick.

fern hill said...

Oooo. Another front opens in the 'How Many Election Laws Can the Cons Ignore, Flaut, Break' sweepstakes.

Good work.

Dr.Dawg said...

Lovely catch! That point had been bothering me as well.

On the subject of il/legality, is it legal for MPs to take information from constituents when they meet for normal business (help with passport, OAS, etc.) and then dump it into their party's database?

I can't find anything in the privacy legislation. There seems to me to be a gap in the law, and it's one we ought to close.

Dave said...

Bob - If I said, "Not yet" don't be too frustrated. Good tea needs to steep. :)

Dr. Dawg - I'm confused on that one too. It seems there are prohibitions against the use of personal information for almost everything - except for political purposes! Kinda prevents one from going to one's MP for assistance with government when you know you'll become a political target.

sassy said...

Dawg's question reminded me of this

“I have taken this opportunity to send a letter to all current employees asking for their comments, suggestions and ideas for the future success of AECL,” stated MP Gallant, noting these people often have the best ideas when it comes to their field within the company, but tend to keep these in-house, and so need encouragement to speak up.

How and why did Gallant have access to current and past employees names and addresses?

Saskboy said...

Those damn 10%er mailings were no doubt exploited too, at the expense of taxpayes, for partisan Conservative gain.

Steve said...

Excellent point. To take it a step further, did he lie to border officials, did he have legal status to work in Canada?
There should be a law that Canadian Political Parties can not spend money in foreign countries.

Boris said...

"Kinda prevents one from going to one's MP for assistance with government when you know you'll become a political target."

heh. I lived Red Dawn Hawn's riding for a spell, and talked to Linda Duncan's office because I simply didn't trust the bastards and what they would do with my query.

Beijing York said...

I imagine any complaint letter or petition to your Conservative MP probably flags you on their list of non-supporters in the CIMS.

I think too many Canadians are frightened by the prospect of having been duped by a criminal campaign. Fear of looking stupid has made many con men rich throughout history.

Rev.Paperboy said...

I would like to see them explain it to a judge, from the prisoners dock.

Rev.Paperboy said...
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Terry said...

>>Good tea needs to steep.<<

True enough ... nice to see you and others here keeping it warm in the meantime.

harebell said...

I posted something similar too, but have another question about the CIMS and other private databases.
Are we allowed to request access to our files to see what is contained on them, like credit ratings?
If someone is keeping data about me and is storing information that could be wrong, I'd like to know and possibly correct it.
I wonder where FOIP leans on this issue?

Saskboy said...

I would LOVE to see my entry in CIMS. Sad face.

RossK said...


Like Hunter Thompson before us, who was extremely disapointed to learn he was not on Nixon's 'Enemies' list, I for one, would be sad if I found out I don't have at least six frownie faces beside my name.


Holly Stick said...

Possibly something will come of it:!/bigpicguy/status/181939518679678977

Saskboy said...

Are the Spaniards coming for our democracy too?

Just Me4 said...

Does this 'Non-interference by Foreigners" apply to the likes of Avaaz who interfered with John Baird's election campaign, or their email spamming during an election.

Does it apply to foreign funding of eco activists who front for supposed eco charities ?

Alison said...

Dave, some further movement on this. Link left at Creekside - Stephen Lautens' Parking Space:
Foreign Election Campaign Workers?