Monday, March 05, 2012

You'll need more than that

The broad stripes at NDHQ have gone into self-defence mode.
Air force officers recently found themselves in the spotlight after it was revealed they quietly gathered information on Liberal MP Scott Simms, a member of Parliament who criticized the decision by MacKay's office to order up a Cormorant search-and-rescue helicopter to retrieve the minister from a private fishing lodge. That flight cost taxpayers $16,000, according to reports.

But the Defence Department and the head of the Royal Canadian Air Force say there's nothing wrong with providing such information. "We provide information when it is requested of us by anyone requesting it, as long as it is not classified or does not cross the boundaries of protected information," air force commander Lt.-Gen. André Deschamps told senators at a recent meeting.
I would expound greatly on that, but POGGE has said it as well as I could.


Boris said...

The Conservatives, especially now, won't likely be in power forever and I wonder if that might mean something for the career progression of senior officers seen to be partisan enablers. Either that, or the next party will seize the standard set by the Cons and try to use the CF the same way.

Steve said...

Maybe they should spend some time evaluating fighter jets instead. The J35 will not have a self esteem problem.

Dave said...

The boys at NDHQ are regularly cautioned to steer clear of political squabbles. if they start hitching their stars to political wagons they are inevitably sewered from the get-go.