Friday, March 02, 2012

Get Rob Anders off the Veterans Affairs Committee

It's not just that he's a waste of good room air or even that he continually falls asleep on watch.

It's that he clearly can't stand veterans. When Jim Lowther and David MacLeod, of Veterans Emergency Transition Services, criticized Anders for sleeping through their presentations, this is how he dealt with it.
“It’s a smear job,” Mr. Anders said, categorically denying that he fell asleep during the presentation.

“They praised Vladimir Putin, at one point, for the way he deals with veterans, and then he just went on and on praising Peter Stoffer,” Mr. Anders said. “[Mr. Lowther] is the same guy who tried to crash one of the Prime Minister’s rallies and is on NDP press releases.” 
Lying little chickenhawk. Anders did fall asleep and his attempt to smear two veterans is nothing short of contempt for every person who ever wore a uniform, has campaign medals, has wound stripes and lives with nightmares.

From Jim Lowther:
“I’ve been called a Canadian hero – I did two tours of Bosnia and one in Afghanistan – and now I’m a NDP hack? Never been called that before.”
 Especially since he appears to be a Conservative party member.

From David MacLeod:
“I’m an ex-intelligence officer and worked on the NORAD closure. ... How likely do you think it is that I support Vladimir Putin?” Mr. MacLeod said. “I was just saying Russia, which doesn’t always treat its vets well, had a hospital for Afghan and Chechen vets who had post traumatic stress disorder.” 

Mr. MacLeod said he, too, is not an NDP supporter. In fact, he has voted for Peter MacKay in his Central Nova riding and is a member of the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservative Party.
Who also added:
“It’s just stupid to say we’re NDP hacks and frankly, I don’t think this reflects well on the party,” he added. “[Mr. Anders] should have just said he was sorry he fell asleep and that would have been the end of it.”
Not anymore. No veteran should be put in a position to have to share the same space with such a useless and self-absorbed piece of shit as Rob Anders.


Steve said...

The sleep of an all night bender

Alison said...

Afghan war vets reject Anders' apology
Want him to resign Vet committee.