Thursday, October 06, 2011

A Stocking Stuffer . . .

JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS!! The Stephen Harper Colouring & Activity Book. Really. The site proclaims the oeuvre to be written by Dave Rosen, with a foreword by Brian Topp, and that it is:

A wildly irreverent poke at Canada’s Prime Minister that lays waste to everything from Stephen Harper’s hairdo to that most sacred of national pastimes – making fun of Stephen Harper’s hairdo.

The Stephen Harper Colouring & Activity Book puts the PM right where Canadians most want him – at the business end of their crayons.


zzzzz • Build a G8 Gazebo
zzzzz • Pick a Supreme Court Justice
zzzzzRe-Brand Canada
zzzzzPaper dolls
zzzzz • Connect-the-dots
zzzzz • Word games
zzzzz • Mazes

…and much, much more!

H/T to Scanner, thank-you, sir.

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Knatolee said...

Let me just say that the centrefold alone is worth the cover price..