Sunday, October 02, 2011

Bizarro . . .

DAN PIRARO DRAWS BIZARRO. He has a delightful site. A real mensch. Bunnyville Pie Factory, indeed. The Green Monster truck?

Back in the fifties, there was a Green Monster dragster, owned and operated by Art Arfons. More power is good, so Art built a chassis around a 1,700-cube, 28-litre V-12 WW2 Allison aircraft engine, at a time when running a 7-litre-size V-8 like a 392 Chryco Hemi or a 430 Lincoln ('59 NHRA champ) was state-of-the-art. In 1959-60, the world of specialty parts was just developing, 1959 was the year they reached 150 mph in the quarter, which was hot shit at the time. Today, that 392 Hemi has morphed into a Keith Black improved copy of the pushrod Chrysler that puts out an estimated 4,000+ hp for maybe 5 seconds, total. The trip down the 1/4 mile currently traps at 3.8 seconds and 327 mph or 525 kph, during which, the engine turns roughly 1,000 times. To do that, the fuel line is as thick as your wrist.

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