Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Asia-Pacific interests . . .

Cold War Dinosaur: the gigantic, 34,000-ton Typhoon-class nuclear-powered ballistic-missile submarine

THE DIPLOMAT is a thoughtful site that focuses on things going on in the Asia-Pacific part of the planet. Their FLASHPOINTS page is well worth visiting, listing some very interesting topics.

One of them, "Is the US a Reliable Ally?", is an interesting look at the impact of North Korea and Taiwan on the US and China. Another worth looking at, is "Russia’s Disappearing Subs", about the current state and uncertain future of the Russian missile sub fleet. It's not an easy gig: How do you tell a Russian submariner? He's the one that glows in the dark.

Also "Secretive New Space Shuttle?", an article on Boeing's proposed new space shuttle, a lengthened version of the X-37B robotic space-plane, that will carry up to 6 astronauts. With the STS retired, the US has to rely on Soyuz rentals while the Orion capsule/booster system is built, and the Boeing proposal might offer a reasonable-cost way to get back in orbit before the Orion is ready, because it uses the already extant Atlas V heavy booster.

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Rev.Paperboy said...

A number of my former fellow ink-stained wretches from that big daily paper in Japan now work for The Diplomat's online magazine. They do nice work