Friday, October 28, 2011

Females and firearms

FIREARMS ARE A "MOTHERHOOD" ISSUE; they provoke all manner of ill-thought knee-jerk — just look at the outcry from the hard-of-thinking over the Long Gun Registry boondoggle. Enthusiasts for the sport are described caustically as "These are the civilian gun nuts who pretty themselves up like a JTF-2 assaulter and accessorize with "cool" looking tactical shotguns and whatever other Parkerized steel and black-furnitured firearms are presently legal in Canada.".

Of course, the person commenting hasn't ever heard of  the International Practical Shooting Confederation Of Canada — these people "pretty themselves up like a JTF-2 assaulter", because that's the equipment you use. Even 70 year-old grandmothers, like Edith and her Parkerized military 12 ga Benelli and her 10mm Glock. 

Now, firearms owners aren't all mullet-wearing trailer park Walmartians. WIRED has a delightful photo essay, "Chicks with Guns", with non-psychopathic women and their favored firearms. As far away from the Kookier crowd as you can get.

Cally O'Neal lives! I think I'm in love . . .

Courtney, Houston, Texas, Yildiz 20-gauge —
"My favorite gun is a 20-gauge over-and-under. The 12-gauge I can use, but it has too much kick for the kind of hunting/shooting that I like to do. I recently bought a ladies’ Turkish 20-gauge side-by-side that I love. It is lightweight, and it looks pretty. And I like the look of side-by-sides and over-and-unders.... I also really like to dress to hunt even though dove are colorblind."


Boris said...

Seems my little comment really bugged you, Ed ;) Um, I might point out that no one in the photos you link to is all whacked out in tactical kit. They all appear to be serious shooters/hunters and not at all the demographic I'm talking about.

Edstock said...

Actually, Boris, your comments were accurate, I don't like "posers" either. Neither did Edith, either. She wore all the tactical kit — and used it.

Anyway, it was a nice way to post that delightful WIRED article. :)

Scanner said...

They almost all appear to be patrician and are all white. Where are the sisters from the projects Ed? I'm just thinking about Angela Davis here.(,9171,902641,00.html )
And are no daughters of Mexico capable of bearing arms? ( )
I bet to a person these women vote for Rick Perry.