Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Not so positive"...

...that'd be the world economic outlook as opined by the economist Stephen Harper.

This dude says it a little more bluntly.


Greg said...

Greed is good. They all need to be put up against a wall.

double nickel said...

It's a Yes Men spoof.

Boris said...

Double Nickel,

BBC and the Yes say he's not connected.


It still could be a hoax, and if authentic, it is congruent with the subtle language coming out of politicians and big institutions like the WB and IMF.

double nickel said...

I didn't say it wasn't representative of the mindset :)

Anonymous said...

He appears to be a bit of a tosser. He may be right, but not because he has done the work, more like he is a busted clock.
Great video though, some men just want to watch the world burn.

thwap said...

If it isn't a prank, in fact, whether it is or not, people have to realize that Goldman Sachs and these traders are allowed to exist by virtue of politics.

All their cyber-wealth is just that: Entries on a computer. It could be expropriated with the a couple of clicks of a mouse.

Their so-called "business practices" could be made illegal, retroactively, and they could find themselves out of their fancy suits and wearing prison uniforms.

An enraged citizenry, and governments unable to pay their police and soldiers (thanks to the buffoonery of traders) are all that's necessary.