Monday, September 19, 2011

Maybe . . .

WHEN THERE'S THIS MUCH DOO-DOO, there's got to be a pony around someplace. I'm not a conspiracy wacko, but there are way, way too many unanswered questions, kinda like the Warren Commission, the Magic Bullet and the Grassy Knoll.


sunsin said...

Sigh. Conspiracy theories. There aren't any questions about the grassy knoll that haven't been answered repeatedly. And so on and so forth. But some people are too conceited to believe that a president could be offed by a loser with a mail order rifle. It has to be something vaster.

Tell me, why would the Mafia / the Illuminati / whoever have wanted Kennedy removed? He was just as easy to control as Johnson, an eminently blackmailable man-slut with a maniac drive to dip his wick into anything within his reach breathing and female. He said many things that sounded nice, but when you come down to it, he behaved much like all the rest at that level at that time. Thinking that he was some existential threat to evil is plain and simple childishness.

The same with 9/11. International terrorists / resistance fighters (take your pick) pulled off a brilliantly conceived and very successful attack on the United States. The US then proceeded to take out just about the only secular state left in the Middle East in a long and very openly desired grudge match, to the vast amusement of al Qaida, no doubt. Very simple, very predictable, no conspiracy needed. But again, some people are so lost in conceit that it just can't be that simple. How could a raggity-tag assortment of freedom fighters / terrorists strike such a blow at the mighty United States? There must have been a plot; those A-rabz can't have done it themselves. And thus another conspiracy theory is born out of the same matrix as nearly all of the rest: conceit, the comforting illusion that vast forces were arrayed against you, when mundane details like the government firing many of its Arabic translators because they were gay, and thus massively delaying the translation of intelligence intercepts, are more than enough to explain the disaster.

Anonymous said...

@sunsin-- nicely written BUT it's actually alarming to me that you are not seeing what is clearly a "smoking gun"...

Try this for a starter;

As for JFK-- well-- there have been plenty of admissions over the years and this investigations leads to good ole' LBJ getting the greenlight:

For those who say JFK could be controlled, apparently-- he couldn't as the link gives some compelling evidence to the reasons for his death.

I wonder how our society has become so forgiving to criminals? You are aware of the stand down orders given by dick cheney on 9/11? Or the many war games that were played that day and NORAD for the first time in its' history failed this country miserably.

I simply think that rather than spewing well place words that one might want to lend time to your own research and stop relying on tel-lie-vision 'distorters' aka reporters for your concrete conclusion of events that were told to us by SPEECH WRITERS. One last food for thought--- how is that 8+ of the 'hijackers' are alive and well? Remember that passport that was found some blocks away from ground zero? A piece of paper that's supposed to be on a dead person survived but not a telephone, a desk, a chair? Your world must be filled with dandelions and roses (not an insult) because even STEVIE WONDER CAN SEE something else went down that day. Osama said he had nothing to do with it, but did we listen? But years later, tricky dick #2 comes right out with the truth:

Happy researching, my friend.

richard said...

" One last food for thought--- how is that 8+ of the 'hijackers' are alive and well? "

Ha Ha! You are so right my friend. In fact, as one of those hijackers, I can add that we were personally instructed by Cheney himself. Of course, those like you who are 'in the know' will have to be dealt with eventually.

Meanwhile, tho, I need to get back to my yacht and those beautiful, busty babes (only $1500/hr!!!).


Anonymous said...


Dude, you're making jokes about 9/11? Who does that?