Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sex sells . . .

Part of a Japanese pamphlet written for Australian soldiers. The implication was that while Australian men were fighting in the Pacific Theater, the depraved Americans would swoop in and cavort with their women.

IO9 has a great article by Cyriaque Lamar, "The pornographic psychological warfare campaigns of World War II", which is an interesting look at the efforts of various combatants to fuck with the opposition's headspace. Like anything people do, some of it was excellent, most of it was blunderingly stupid. As a resource site, be sure to visit Home of the Psywarrior, which covers psy ops through the ages.

Colored soldiers! Throw down your weapons!
You are being shipped as cannon–fodder
They take you away from your beautiful country, to the slaughter house!
Your wives are at your oppressor’s mercy, who…
To save their blood, will poor out yours!

The PsyOps site could be better organized. "Sex and Psychological Operations" is a great section to start.

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