Thursday, November 04, 2010

Campbellford Legion, ex-cop in blackface

Could this possibly get any worse?

A former police officer who donned blackface for Halloween as was led around on a rope by a friend dressed as a Klansman says it was a stupid mistake.
Terry Nunn says he is in “no way, shape or form” a racist and neither is his friend Blair Crowley.

Nunn, paraphrased: "I'm not a racist but I'm quite comfortable mimicking Klan lynchings for shits and giggles."

No, asshole, you may not be an out and out bonehead racist, but you certainly couldn't be mistaken for an anti-racist. Shall we probe your arrest record?

You want to save face here? Tear up your Legion membership before they ban you.


Jim said...

As a Legion member, I am appalled (which is common for me) and shocked (which is very rare.

What the hell is the matter with those boneheads? How many black soldiers have to die for this country before the *Legion* figures out that this kind of thing is not on?

Rev.Paperboy said...

the Ontario command of the Legion acted quickly and wisely in closing the Campbellford branch pending an investigation. The two clowns who showed up should be barred for life as a matter of course, as should the major-league moron who rewarded their idiotic bigotry with a prize for best costume.
And to all the people who are running around saying that the offending pair have right to free speech and so forth -- yes, you are correct, they have a right to free speech and a right to be idiotic knuckledragging racists. And the Legion has the right, nay - the obligation and responsibility - to ban their idiotic knuckledragging racist asses from any Legion property anywhere.
"Just a joke" doesn't cut it here If one of the two had dressed as Hitler and led the other one around dressed as a Rabbi, you'd see Ezra Levant screaming in 72 point headlines on the front of the National Post for their heads to put on pikes in front of the Parliament buildings. And I'd be on his side to certain extent. I think this constitutes hate speech in the broadest definition and while its an open question whether the pair of dumbasses should face criminal prosecution under hate speech legislation, they certainly deserve a good, old-fashioned shunning by the community.