Thursday, November 04, 2010

Chief Blair, disciplinarian and oh look over there...

Yes, let none say that Toronto Police Chief Blair is a softy on discipline. What he says goes and woe be the rank and file police member who ignores his word. When his officers have the gall to remove their name tags (if as he says, the name tags didn't accidently fall off) while they're busy corralling, beating, and caging peaceful protestors, transit drivers, restaurant goers, and other sundry members of the public, Blair will rain wrathful shit on them from a great height. He had his finest detectives pour over "20 000 hours" of footage of police arresting and beating the citizenry looking for missing name tags.

Yessiree, Bill Blair is on the case. And let there be no doubt he will find those nameless officers and punish them soundly by taking away a day's pay. He'll crack that whip alright (if at all).

Any day, you ask? Yes, quite possibly, perhaps one of those without the overtime and other awards that go along with extracurricular police training events like the G8/20.


Beijing York said...

Is this one of those logistical errors the Libs made them own up to? Pathetic.

Alison said...

No, Beijing, it was part of NDP Don Davies' questions as to how many officers had no name tags.
Blair's answer : "approximately 90"

Kania and Holland did indeed entirely skip the violations of civil liberties angle but Bloc MPs Gaudet and Mourani were bang on.