Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Contrapuntal Obama

I've gotta friend who was involved in the response to Hurricane Katrina. The US National Guard deployed between NOLA police and the Black refugees - facing the police. The buses that took these refugees to major cities in Texas passed through towns where locals raised nooses and caressed shotguns on their front lawns and the police forbid bathroom stops.

The Right is afraid of Barack Obama. The response to this speach on a forum I observe is vicious. He is communist, two-faced, closet Muslim, throws his grandmother under a bus to gain votes, anti-white racist, etc, etc.

I like this man. He's probably the best thing to come along in US politics in a while, but I don't know if the US can handle what he's actually saying here, let alone understand it on enough of a scale.

Down there, they tend to shoot the people who say what he says.

Update: Driftglass responds.

Upperdate: Stroll over to the The Woodshed, and be sure to click the link at the bottom.

Upperupperdate: ...as they say in Australia...


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