Friday, February 08, 2008

Random Rumours

There will be light blogging from me today as I do yet another logistical shift. In the meantime, there are some things you should be reading. I call it water-cooler ammunition.

Mike Huckabee has made an appeal to all the supporters of Mitt Romney, now that the Mitt-Mobile is but a memory of lousy fuel economy, because the Huckster is not quitting. At least not like Romney. Sue gives us the details and oh, she finds a headline that speaks volumes. While you're over there, check out what big-pharma is up to.

Again, we'll lead off with Cathie, as she asks just how dumb the media is where it involves Canada's Harper government. Which raises even more questions. Impolitical points out that even after MDS Nordion has said it's piece, the Minister of Natual Resources looks incompetent. It's time someone other than us humble bloggers were the ones holding the feet of these clowns to the fire. In fact, 900 ft Jesus brings to light the fact that the Speaker of The House of Commons isn't exercising his authority properly. It's time he started enforcing the rules at question period and demand that the respondent answer the friggin' question.

Taking you back to this post, I thought I should mention that if you are a member of the combat arms branch of the Canadian army, the promise of one rotation only to Afghanistan, is now gone. The term used to be, I really wish you'd at least kiss me when you're finished.

I had a lot more, but this really thready connection isn't going to let me finish.

More later.

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