Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Did they learn book covers from Jonah Goldberg?

OK... some things just catch your attention, and that is exactly what the cover of this book is intended to do.

As Pam says, this is from the I shit you not department.

This is a production of the U.K. conservative Anglican community which contains, among other entertaining chapters,

>* Pastoral Considerations for Homosexuality

* Post-Gay: The Transforming Power of God

* Post-Lesbian: My Testimony

* Same Sex Attraction. Is it innate and immutable?

* A Faithful Church: The Bible and Same-Sex Sex

* Civil Partnerships: Advice to UK Parishes and Clergy

* Unexpected Consequences: The Sexualisation of Youth
The book is published by the Latimer Trust... a registered *cough* charity.

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