Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mrs. Mills does virginity

Well, not her personally. But she does handle this situation quite nicely, thank you.
I am 27 years old, and a virgin. Every time I get close enough to a guy to confide in him about my sexual situation, he runs away fast. Shall I make sure my first time is with someone I don’t know well to get it over and done with, or wait for Mr Right?
What to do, what to do?! There is a serious time problem here.
It’s not your sexual state that is frightening men away, but your lack of inhibition. Why is it ever necessary to broadcast such information? Saying things like that just makes men think, “Oh, my god, an uninhibitedly honest woman, completely in touch with her feelings and not scared to talk about them. That’s the last thing I need!” And then they leg it.
Yes. Things have changed.

More of Mrs. Mills at the Times Online.

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