Sunday, February 10, 2008

Moving to Vancouver

Has moved to Vancouver.

Welcome home boys!!!

I've been holding off posting about this because, although I'm not superstitious, I don't know whether others involved take it seriously or not... so, why push it?

Regular readers will recognize West End Bound as one of our regular contributors. Now that you've settled in the West End, it's time to get some items squared away:

1. Your blog definitely needs a new name. You're now Raincoast Resident.

2. West End Bound is fine, but does that mean you're commuting?

3. Withdrawal can be tough. You remain the expert on American politics. Ease out of it until The Decider is securely ensconced in Crawford and his large scale road maps have been taken away.

4. The next Pacific Bloggerpalooza is yours... unless Alison decides otherwise because Alison is kinda in charge of those things and I have to go check to see if I did the dishes.

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