Monday, February 04, 2008

A manufactured crisis and the real culprit.

MDS Nordion, in an effort to protect its large market share of the medical isotope field refused to cooperate in efforts to coordinate the global medical isotope supply. From the Canadian Medical Association Journal:
Now, some European isotope producers claim Ottawa-based MDS Nordion, the dominantplayer in nuclear medicine, has brought its recent troubles upon itself by refusing to take part in efforts to coordinate the global isotope supply. Meanwhile, animosity in the United States towards MDS Nordion over the recent shortage is prompting calls for the creation of a domestic supplier, which would rob the company of its biggest customer.
Interesting. More...
University of Texas public affairs professor Alan J. Kuperman, argue MDS Nordion has no interest in international contingency planning. “They see themselves as the big dog. They are not going to share information with the small ones nipping at their heels.” “There is all sorts of surplus capacity,” says Kuperman. “Nordion and AECL [Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.] obviously knew there was an option of going to other suppliers … Instead, they went to the public and the Canadian government. That was misleading and, one could argue, socially irresponsible.”
And the Harper government was in the thing the whole way, supporting their buddies and leaving a trail of wreckage in their wake.

Canada's nuclear regulator has been rendered neutral, the president of the nuclear safety commission summarily dismissed, not because she endangered anybody or anything, but because she did her job. And she was in the way.

Corporate greed and their tame Conservative government endangered the lives of Canadians - not the nuclear regulator.

POGGE has it right. It's time to fire this lot. They have twice put the lives of Canadians at risk on the altar of corporate profit. They couldn't care less about your health or your safety.

More at Impolitical and the Jurist.

We've been had. Isn't it time we held Harper and his gang of lying thugs to account?

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