Friday, February 01, 2008

The End for a Progressive Canada

Jean Chretien chose to decline George's invasion of Iraq in 2003 but in the 2 short years since Harper took over the Prime Minister's Office Canada has become a full military partner in Bush's never ending war.

In your name and mine Canada now proudly condones and even defends the use of torture.

The government and military of Canada speaks openly about an indefinite state of war, even though Parliament has declared war on no one.

Military budgets are expanding at a rate not since seen pre-WW2.

Thus federal government financial support for a wide range of civil society programs have been dramatically slashed or eliminated.

Federal spending on social programs is also being slashed. The possibility of that money being restored under the Conservatives is nil. There is also no possibility of any new federally sponsored social spending.

And in the face of all this Stephen Harper's Conservative government remains either near or just into majority territory in national opinion polls.

We've been deceiving ourselves for several decades it appears.

Canada is evidently not a centre left nation with progressive ideals. We are not a people who value fairness or justice or compassion for the less privileged.

These faulty beliefs were evidently just part of successive Liberal government propaganda programs.

In two short years we have finally been revealed to ourselves.

I for one will be able to stop caring about the place much more easily now.

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