Monday, February 04, 2008

$3.1 Trillion of compassionate conservatism

George W. Bush:
Thank you all for coming. I just met with my Cabinet, where we discussed a lot of issues. And one issue we discussed is the budget. I submitted the budget today to Congress -- it's on a laptop notebook, an e-budget. It saves paper, saves trees, saves money. I think it's the first budget submitted electronically.
Isn't. That. Special.

So, let's have a look at what George has done for the people.
Health experts denounced President George W. Bush's 2009 federal budget request on Monday, calling it a disaster for the health of Americans and saying they would look to Congress to change it.

Bush's $3.1 trillion spending plan proposes a 7 percent cut in funds for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as less money for Medicare and Medicaid -- the joint federal-state health insurance programs for the poor and elderly.

The budget for the fiscal year starting October 1, 2009 would reduce spending on Medicare by $12.8 billion and lower federal funds for Medicaid by $18.2 billion over five years.

But fear not. George didn't waste all that money by saving it.

Under the president's plan, the Defense Department's budget increases about 5.5 percent, adjusted for inflation, compared to the current year. Defense Secretary Robert Gates offered a brief justification for the budget on Monday.

"The budget request provides the resources needed to prevail in current conflicts, while preparing the department for a range of challenges that our nation may face in the years ahead," said Robert Gates.

Secretary Gates also pointed out that the congress has not yet approved all the money for military operations this year, with $102 billion still pending. And he says although the raw numbers are high, U.S. spending on defense was much higher, as a percentage of the total U.S. economy, during previous wars.

Yeah, and then there is the $70 billion additional funding requested for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which, by the way, is only intended to provide for half the fiscal year.

All the paper Bush saved putting his budget request on a laptop computer is going to be used to print more money. Money which is backed up by exactly nothing. $410 billion this year and $407 billion next year.

And Bush made it clear that the military and homeland security are the top priorities. He made no bones about it. He's going to keep Americans safe... and sick.

You've got to hand it to those compassionate conservatives. They sure know how to spend money. They just seem to have no idea where it comes from.

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