Thursday, October 31, 2013

So this is how it ends(?)

With the Edmonton Sun calling for Harper's resignation because his lies are too much - even for them.

As Harper said of Paul Martin over the sponsorship scandal, either he knew and was guilty or did not and was incompetent. But Harper also lies constantly, including telling the House on Tuesday it was “regular practice” to cover legal expenses, like Duffy’s, while calling Duffy’s actions “shocking and unacceptable.” At least I hope that too was a lie.
As Tories gather in Calgary they should ask themselves, if they are to not become the problem they set out to solve, how they would feel if this web of deceit were spun by a Prime Minister Chretien or Mulcair or Trudeau Jr. And why, if they do not dismiss their chief, Canadians should not dismiss them.
I bet he never saw this coming. Some of us wondered. It would have to be something like this, which is probably better than the unkind and often brutal fates that are eventually meted out to the more successful of his ilk.

Men with strong occupation associated personal identities tend to suffer deep mental health issues when they lose the occupation that feeds their sense of self. Many never recover. Stephen Harper is not a lawyer, not a corporate executive, not a professor. He is a liar and a politician to the core and there is nothing for him to return to. He is also someone very uncomfortable with close personal scrutiny and unscripted events. All the spotlights are on him now and he is no longer in control. Watch him closely.


Anonymous said...

.. 'all's well, that ends ..'
and Canada needs to see the end of Stephen Harper's malignant political influence.. Any aspects of the Tom Flangan & Stephen Harper ideological marriage need to be identified and uprooted.. The damage to national identity, environment, democracy are shocking in their scope. The Harper legacy is one of trench warfare against Canadians, by their elected government.. a continuous corporatist campaign without ethics, honor, accountability, responsibility. To all those cowardly complicit Harper stooges, whether elected or unelected ? You shamed yourselves, and like Harper, obviously do not recognize your own country .. please step aside

Steve said...

Rob Ford went down today, so Stevie feel the footsteps

gingersnap said...

Harper is a Dictator of an entire country. Harper has a lot more power than Ford does, as a mayor. Ford is following Harper's government to a T. Ford should have the decency to resign. Ford doesn't have the dignity to resign either, just as Harper doesn't.

Once monsters such as Harper and Ford get into office, it is very difficult, to be rid of them. People such as they have no morals nor ethics, what-so-ever. Those two will use, every dirty tactic in the book, to stay in office.

Harper and Ford are also, very good friends. They have the same typo personalities. To be rid of such as Harper and Ford? We would have to bodily, throw them out of Canada.

All Dictators are absolutely shameless. Perhaps the people should just, go ahead and elect another Mayor. Perhaps we should just elect another P.M. Leave Harper and Ford to play, all by themselves.

Alison said...

EtobiCOKE ... *snort*

Anonymous said...

Rob Ford did not go down today. He said he was sorry for being drunk and will hire a driver. As long as the city runs, people might even re-elect him. He is one of them.

Harper may not have an "occupation" to return to but he will have a lovely job. There will be all sorts of "rewards" for the man who is handing Canada to China. We should also remember, he isn't gone any where yet.

The paper in Edmonton might suggest it is time to move on, but don't count him out and don't over estimate the voters. There is much money to be made in this country. A few spin doctors, lots of advertising paid for by corporations and he might just hang in. Remember B.C. voted for the lieberals after all the mess we had here.

Smartpatrol said...

Marshall Haper has gone MAD! MAD WITH POWER!