Monday, December 13, 2010

"Glenn Beck in sequins"

Sportwriter Jack Todd of the Montreal Gazette is a national treasure. Numerically-challenged former hockey coach and professional loudmouth Don Cherry, not so much.


laura k said...

I read Jack Todd's book recently, and wrote about it on wmtc. He came to Canada as a Vietnam War resister and supports Iraq War resisters' bid to stay in Canada. He's a great guy, and a terrific writer.

C4SR said...

I was reminded why nothing Cherry says is really all that important (or even fact based) a couple of weeks ago on HNIC.

Cherry was trumpetting Colby Armstrong's return to the Leafs.

Armstrong seemed to spend most of the game running ayybody and everybody on the ice like some out of his mind eager 15 year old hoping to impress a major junior coach.

I would have benched him.

Cherry thought it was great and said so.

Of course, I'm not a failed junior hockey owner so what the hell do I know.

Unknown said...

CfSR - not only that, but I bet you can count past five too, unlike Grapes.

Dana said...

Grapes can count to five!!

That's the number of guys on a hockey team. He knows what ten looks like too because that's two teams on the ice.

I'll say it again for those who still think otherwise.

Canadians are by and large a silly, inconsequential, small minded people.

Unknown said...

"Grapes can count to five!"

NHL history begs to differ.

Alison said...

I cracked up this morning when I read his article. Jack also wrote an excellent piece on Wikileaks in the Saturday Gazette. He is one of the few writers worth reading in that dreadful rag of a paper.

Dave said...

Has anyone ever called out Cherry on that fact?

You know... the fact that he was the Shame of Boston.