Friday, March 20, 2009

Galloway banned

Canadian Press:
A spokesman for Jason Kenney says the immigration minister will not intervene in a decision to ban British anti-war MP George Galloway from Canada.

Galloway termed the decision "idiotic" after Citizenship and Immigration Canada deemed the outspoken politician inadmissible on security grounds.

Kenney spokesman Alykhan Velshi says Galloway has expressed sympathy for the Taliban cause in Afghanistan and provided financial support to the Palestinian group Hamas, listed in Canada as a terrorist group.

This George Galloway. There remains no doubt the Party of Harper considers delivering food and supplies to the Gaza Strip "financial support" for terrorism. If Mr. Galloway is or was actually providing support for terrorism in mind and material, the UK has plenty of laws through which to prosecute him. I don't even know what to say about the issue of banning an elected MP from very friendly country. Apparently Conservative Party trust in the jurisprudence and governance of other democratic countries extends only so far as they are willing to execute Canadians and the ideological compatibility of their politicians.

I have an alarming feeling that someone in the Conservative government is compiling lists troublesome of Canadians. Extend the logic used to ban Galloway, and we're soon talking about 'banning' non-CPC Canadians and their elected members. This is very dangerous ground indeed.

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