Monday, March 03, 2008

Harper claims libel

Isn't this amazing!
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has filed a libel lawsuit against Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion and the Liberal Party of Canada over the Chuck Cadman affair.

The Liberals have asked for a criminal investigation amid allegations that the Conservatives, under then Opposition Leader Harper, offered a financial incentive to Cadman, an Independent MP before his death in 2005, to sway his vote in a crucial Commons showdown that year.

Cadman's widow, Dona, now a Conservative candidate running in Surrey North in B.C., says the incentive was a $1-million life-insurance policy, and she considered it a bribe.

Cadman sided with the Liberals in the vote, and kept then Prime Minister Paul Martin in office for a few more months.

None of the allegations, which are contained in a soon-to-be-released book, has been proven.

So, to get this straight, Harper and his party of smear have just engaged out-of-date laws as a means of shutting down the debate. The politics got too hot for Harper so his only defense is to make himself the victim. (Notice of libel from Harper's lawyers. PDF)

What you can expect now is that when questioned about the Cadman affair, Harper's only answer will be that the case is "before the courts" and he can't comment on it.

Strange how the Conservatives forget the use of Parliamentary Privilege when they can't use it. Say Alan Riddell as many times as you can without puking.

To quote Ken Chapman back in May of 2007, this is the Conservatives employing tactics "somewhere between Monty Python and the Sopranos".

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