Friday, March 07, 2008

You can't understand the outrage? Here. Let me explain it.

Some of the Liberal (capital L) bloggers can't seem to grasp the outrage felt by those of us of in the left side of the swamp over the failure of the opposition to meet Bill C-484 with the appropriate action.

Yes, we've all had visits from the House of Commons and slowly the message should be starting to sink in.

One suggestion is that the Liberal MPs who voted with the Conservative sponsor of this bill would have defied a whipped vote. And then we're supposed to persuade those MPs to change their vote.


Let's get something clear here. We, the people, do not work for our Members of Parliament; they work for us. If there is any persuading to do it is them addressing us, not the inverse. If I have to start getting persuasive with non-responsive MPs it will be by way of an effort to have them destooled and replaced. And that includes their leaders, whomsoever they might be.

The outrage is not just at the Liberals' obvious failure to properly interpret this bill and then meet it head-on. The outrage goes deeper - much deeper.

My extreme dislike for Harper and the sycophants he has gathered around him is based completely on his past performance and activities. He has back-stabbed his way to power and his personal views on Canada are unrepresentative of the majority of the population. He believes in a Balkanized country. Further, he is no less a separatist than the members of the Bloc Quebecois.

So, when the Liberals stand up and tell us that Harper has a hidden agenda, something I believe to be true, I expect those same Liberals to beat that agenda into the ground as soon as it starts to emerge and with as much force as they can muster.

By failing to do that, the outrage develops, and we all wonder why we bother with an opposition at all. TIBT explains why we're now questioning why we should call on the opposition for anything:
The Liberals failed to stand up against the Conservative agenda they warned us against.
Got that? You Liberals were the ones telling us how dangerous Harper is. And sure enough, he's one destructive little bastard. So where do you get off not keeping your swords sharpened?

Get your goddamned act together. Now.

You weren't elected to do a part-time job.

Just another point: At the top of the post I did say "some" capital L bloggers. That doesn't mean all of them by any stretch. By example, I give you Far and Wide as one of the better examples of the capital L bloggers who does get it.

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