Thursday, July 19, 2007

Why aren't you going to Cuba, Steve?

What's wrong Harper? Didn't you get a "permission slip" from George before you went swanning in the Caribbean?
Harper is in the Caribbean region pushing his hemispheric prescription of democracy, open markets and free trade, and said Canada is ready to start talks on a pact with the 15-member countries of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

But when asked if he had plans to visit Cuba, the largest country in the region and one of the biggest economies, Harper said he had no such plans. He said Canadian governments have often, "expressed concerns about certain aspects of governance and human rights in Cuba."

But, that didn't stop you from visiting Colombia, the country with the worst human rights record in the western hemisphere.

"We are not going to say fix all your social, political and human rights problems and only then will we engage in trade relations with you. That's a ridiculous position."

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Addressing Colombian President Alvaro Uribe

16 July, 2007

Shall we talk consistency? Nah... why bother?

But it would appear when it comes to Steve Harper's neighbourhood, it seems he'd rather buddy-up to the local crack-house than the neighbour with the messy yard.

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