Saturday, July 14, 2007

No Hand Clapping Please, We're British

'The situation in Afghanistan is much worse than many people recognise,' Inge told peers. 'We need to face up to that issue, the consequence of strategic failure in Afghanistan and what that would mean for Nato... We need to recognise that the situation - in my view, and I have recently been in Afghanistan - is much, much more serious than people want to recognise.'

Note that last line.

Also note right at the end of the piece that there's a Tory MP in Britain who seems prepared to face the truth.

Perhaps we could arrange for him to come over here and conduct a seminar for our very own Tories.

I dislike maligning honourable Canadian Tories, both past and present, by lumping them in with Harper's cabal of Bush sycophants, rage-aholics and interbred idiots. In my opinion the legitimate heirs to John A and the historical standard bearers of Tory reputation need to stand forth and jettison this parasitic growth that has stolen and is staining their name. It could soon be too late to head off a permanent linkage of the name Tory with the words ineffectual, unresponsive, controlling, dismissive, deceiving, contemptuous and unpopular.

But back to the situation in Britain.

Two Ministers of the Crown in two days have now made it clear, in public and in DC, that the UK will no longer be attaching itself to American foreign policy.

Stevie and his band of pettifoggers could very soon find themselves the only cheerleaders US foreign policy has left in the western world.

Won't it be fun watching the national media avoid bringing it up?

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