Thursday, September 24, 2015


Watch this. Share and support. Most importantly, VOTE.

I live in Europe and work in a multi-national environment. People I meet tend to come in two stripes.

1. Passively ignorant, in that they know absolutely nothing about Canadian politics and still think we're peaceful, nice, democratic, green folks in a big beautiful land, and/or they had an amazing visit there once.

2. Or they are aware of us, and deeply concerned, asking, "WTF happened to you guys?!" as the elected Harper government bombs and carbons-up the world.

h/t Bob :-)


West End Bob said...

Thanks for posting it, Boris!

Guess I should put it up at MTV, too, huh ? ? ? ?

e.a.f. said...

Liked the post. Its correct. We ought to be better than Steve. We once were respected on the world stage. Now they know a stooge is in charge and it isn't going so well.

Any P.M. who wants to establish a two tier system of citizenship is not to be trusted. Remember this is the man who had churches, charities, PEN, bird watchers audited because he thought they opposed him or where dangerous. its a slippery slope we vote for if we vote for Steve and his gang of criminals. You might as well vote for the Hell's Angels. The Cons have about as many charged, on trial, in jail, etc. as an average Hell's Angels chapter. So do you really want a government who makes the H.A. look good.