Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dianne Watts' most amazing adventure

This load of crap was a mail-out received by some residents of Surrey, BC. Dianne Watts, former mayor of Surrey claims it was sent out from Ottawa without her knowledge. I'm calling "Bovine Scatology" on two counts: She's running for the Harper Conservatives and clearly knows what a feces-covered operation she's in, and, her friggin' name is on it and she hasn't disavowed it in any way.

Let's attack this astounding piece of crap.

1. The newspaper on the upper left is bogus. Dianne Watts or a person representing her wrote that headline. Everything in it was manufactured by some amateur Harper Conservative operative with the mind of a 9-year old.

2. Dianne Watts was the mayor of Surrey from 2005 to 2014. During her tenure, Surrey became known as The Murder Capital of Canada as an unrestrained gang-war erupted. On 19 October, 2007 the now-famous Surrey-Six murders occurred in which two innocent bystanders were slaughtered. In 2013 the danger on the streets of Surrey reached unprecedented proportions as the gang-war exploded into daily shooting incidents resulting in 25 murders. Dianne Watts sat powerless in her mayor's chair.

Dianne Watts, with no international experience, isn't going to fight anything. You only have to look at her record to prove it. She can't even keep her own home turf safe and people did not feel secure in their bedrooms in Surrey when she was mayor.

Now, on the 18th anniversary of the Surrey-Six murders, which happened on her watch, she wants you to elect her so she can protect you.

There are better choices.


North Van's Grumps said...

October 2007 massacre

The judge had discretion to rule on the conspiracy conviction, ordering that Haevischer will serve 18 years and Johnston 20 years concurrently, but that time is reduced to about one-third after time served. All sentences run concurrently from the time the men were arrested in 2009, meaning they could face a parole board in about two decades.

e.a.f. said...

what a hoot to have that sent out. like who are these terrorists she wants to fight? as you say surrey had a big problem and many in the city were terrorized by all the shooting. when you are a city mayor and you sit idely by while this is all going on, in my opinion you are aiding and abetting the terrorism. Watts wasn't even smart enough to hire more police or form any sort of strategy to deal with all the crime. she was just interested in keeping taxes low.

Watt's "dear leader/shmedder Steve" wouldn't know a terrorist if he ran into him in a closet. Terrorists come in all shapes and sizes and on all sorts of occasions. /when you have serial killers on the loose, its terrorising. Vancouver had Willy Pickton running loose for almost 20 yrs, killing 49 women. Now if you lived on the downtown east side that was pretty terrorising. what was done? not much. high crime rate in surrey. pretty terrorising for the people who live there. what has been done by Watts old political party? Nothing. Now Watts is part of Steve's team. Canada has 1,200 murdered/missing First Nations women. What does Steve have to say about it? Not on "his radar".

In my opinion if you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem so diane's dear leader steve is just another part of the terror problem, just like Diane was in Surrey. lets hope she is defeated in this election and sent to the side lines.

rick said...

Dianne Watts needs to be behind bars for aiding and abetting the War Criminal Bush by inviting,allowing,and paying him to speak in Surrey. RCMP do your jobs and arrest these criminals.