Sunday, September 13, 2015

Just in case you didn't grasp the obvious ...

Stephen Harper thinks his own supporters are too stupid to see past his monotonously unaltered talking points regarding his intransigent and shameful approach to a global refugee and displacement crisis. (You can find the oft repeated talking points right here).

First, he tells us that a majority of these refugees come from a "Terrorist War Zone", as though that is somehow unique.

The truth of the point he won't acknowledge, (and none of the media have jumped on him for it), is that over the centuries virtually all refugees are attempting to escape terrorism and war. There is nothing unique in the nature of this crisis. But Harper keeps pounding that one point in an effort to keep his real reason for not acting, (whatever that is), from surfacing.

Then, he hits his second scripted talking point. He tells us he has a great concern about security and that all refugees must be thoroughly screened and vetted, (so, there will be no acceleration of a very slow process). Because ... they come from a terrorist war zone.

Really. A conservative screening process is the last thing any of us should trust. These guys cannot properly vet candidates that get caught peeing in cups on public TV programs or have public You Tube channels where they engage in lewd and arguably illegal behaviour.

All of this could tell us many things, but without Harper coming out and telling us what's going on in his head, we can safely assume two things: Harper has no idea what a refugee is, and; Harper cold-bloodedness comes from not having the intelligence to grasp the magnitude of the problem. 


opit said...

" Harper cold-bloodedness comes from not having the intelligence to grasp the magnitude of the problem. "
I see absolutely no reason to grant him that excuse.

e.a.f. said...

nor do I. I am of the opinion he does grasp the `magnitude of the problem``, He just doesn`t care. What Harper is doing is no different from what Canada, U.S.A., and England to a lesser degree did prior WW II. They refused to take Jews trying to escape Germany, the countries they had invaded. Canada along with other countries simply refused to accept Jews. Now I`m not saying Canada could have taken all, but they simply refused to take any. Consequently a lot more people died in the gas chambers than necessary. A ship sailed to the U.S.A. full of Jews. They were turned away. Had to return to Germany and the passengers went to the death camps and died in the gas chambers. Nothing has changed except the group. The world just sat there and let it happen.

When the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto revolted, what happened. Nothing the citizens of Poland or other countries did not go to their aid and we know how that turned out.

How the Arab Muslim refugees of today are being treated is not so different from how the Jews were treated in the 1930s. guess some things never change.

There will always be fear mongers like Harper and his Cons. What we ought to be most afraid of is Harper and his Cons. He passed 8 bills which violated our Constitution, which the Supreme Court overturned. he audited churches and charities who didn`t agree with him, while they disbanded units to audit major corporations, etc.

Stephen Harper is one of those idiots who believes the bible is inerrant and the second coming is imminent. He and approx. 60 of his crew belong to the Christian and Missionary Alliance church.

Its about time to give Steve the heave, because we have children dying every day in an attempt by their parents to find a safe place and Steve does nothing. Hell, he won`t even entertain Hillier`s suggestion we take orphans. But then it is his government who refused to permit children to be brought to Canada for medical care after the fighting around Israel. Steve sees something very scary about babies who might be Muslim. Steve must be a very scary man.

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