Friday, September 18, 2015

Dear - certain - serving and retired veterans and police

Know that by posting anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, and often pro-Harper bullshit on social media, you're actually harming Canadians' sympathies for you.

The Tories really haven't done much for you, and any future government might find it very easy to ignore all of you, if some of you keep posting far-right news and commentary and the Canadian public starts to lose its sympathies.

The partisan bigots among you are blading the rest of you.


e.a.f. said...

Steve and his cons are certainly no friend of the armed forces and Veterans. We have only to look at the 9 closed Veteran Affairs offices and more Veterans killed by suicide than by war.

The RCMP might do well to remember that when 3 of their collegues were killed in MOncton, they didn't have carbines or adequate vests. Steve has been in office for 9 yrs and the Cons still have not provided the RCMP with the carbines or training after the report on the killings in Alberta almost 15 yrs ago. The RCMP need to understand Steve and his Cons don't care about them. they are there to be used to further Con agendas. The RCMP AND Veterans are not part of the Harper team.

As far as pissing off other Canadians, well you reap what you sow.

Dave said...

Agree 100%, Boris. Some of what gets posted is actually sickening.

Boris said...

Yep, sickening is a good word for it.

Some of it is just so blindingly stupid and/or insane that I'm very concerned about their capacity for sound professional judgement.