Sunday, May 24, 2015

RMC misogyny continued

It just goes from bad to worse. First we hear about about massively disrespectful and insubordinate jeering that Julie Lalonde got from Officer Cadets (rank given to officer trainees) at RMC. Next we find that her received mistreatment and abuse continued on Twitter in the months after the event, including the belated apology letter from the Commandant. Further still, the 'disciplinary action' taken against some cadets may have amounted to 'remedial instruction', which is an euphemism for 'told them not to do it again' when a charge should have been laid.

I fully agree with Harebell that this is a major discipline failing that should not have happened, and if it did, should have been dealt with much more severely from the level of Commandant on down. A few more thoughts:

1. RMC trains the bulk of the Canadian officer corps, the future leadership of the RCN, Army, and RCAF. The other week, a major report was released detailing the "endemic" levels of sexual misconduct mostly towards women across the military. The scale of the problem means that any officer will very likely have to deal with incidents involving their subordinates, peers, and superiors. Failure to understand the problem, the civilian and military law around it, and the appropriate ways of dealing with it means that officer is likely to poorly address it when it happens. In practice, failing to address the problem effectively could mean anything from exacerbating the harm already caused toward another member, protecting a sexual predator, to bringing scandal and embarrassment to the military. Well, the cadets have done this last one already - RMC and the CF leadership don't seem to get this.

2. RMC and the male cadets in question have now loudly telegraphed to every serving woman that they will not take sexual misconduct issues from them seriously because they are women. This is saying women will not be considered equal members of the military in their eyes and that they will not adhere to the standard of duty and care required of military leaders when it comes to their welfare. It is also likely, given the nature of war, that they shall encounter and have to investigate sexual crimes while deployed.  Their misogynistic lack of discipline on this issue can only foster mistrust and undermine teamwork in any unit they command, and thereby compromise its effectiveness and thus their own leadership.

3. Dave once commmented here that some of the leadership failings in the Canadian military stem from officers being taught about leadership whilst they were at "too young a mental age". This point couldn't be truer as evidenced by recent events.  Perhaps the recuitment, instruction, and discipline at RMC be revised. The attrition rate doesn't seem to be high enough, and the standard is poor.


Anonymous said...

Compare this response from down under with the spineless ramblings from a guy who has now been promoted to the Air Force's #2 position. Compare it with the "no-comment" coming from the brass as a whole.

Boris said...

You know, I can't tell you how many times I've note the selective application of leadership in civilian and military life. In the wake of the murderous monster who used to command 8 Wing Trenton and the collection of visiting RN ratings currently awaiting their court date on gang rape charges here, the young Inuk soldier in Manitoba, and oh, wait, the giant fucking report on rampant sexual misconduct that just got levelled at the brass, you'd think they'd be way out in front. No, instead we get mealy mouthed diplomaspeak.

The Aussies get it.

Simon said...

hi Boris...I agree with almost everything you say. It couldn't be more disgraceful especially after this:

The only thing I disagree with is that young people can't be taught good leadership values. If they are decent they can.

In my opinion the rot starts at the top, and the admission standards need to be raised.

But what I find most disturbing is that the MSM hasn't given that sickening scandal the coverage it deserves.

Oh Canada, where are we going?

e.a.f. said...

does kind of make you wonder where our dear leader is with the rest of his Cons. Given the lack of response, I think it not unreasonable to conclude the Cons think this is all o.k.

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem

Just another reason "the boys" think this type of activity is o.k. and normal.